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Our dynamic website can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to generate the changing content, or a combination of both scripting types. These sites also include HTML programming for the basic structure. The client-side or server-side scripting takes care of the guts of the site.
With client-side scripting, HTML scripting builds the page and can utilize JavaScript and other web-based programming languages to change the data that the HTML scripting adds to the page as it is built. With server-side scripting, scripts are run on the server that hosts the page. The process for how the page is built is determined by parameters defined in the server-side scripting.

Web pages that change when a web page is loaded or visited use server-side scripting. Server-side content is content that's generated when a web page is loaded. For example login pages, forums, submission forms, and shopping carts all use server-side scripting since those web pages change according to what is submitted to it.
Scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion and Perl allow a web page to respond to submission events.


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